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The Here After – Swedish film by some genius screen writer, that stars the beautiful Ulrik Munther who has not only represented Sweden in Eurovision, but is a boy with an absolutely beautiful face.

I’ll stop fangirling for a moment. That’s not why you’re here. 

Now, I haven’t seen a lot of films depicting what it’s like to have mental illnesses. I watch a lot of documentaries on the subject, yes, but very often do I find these sorts of characters portrayed in media. When they are, we get people like Hannah from 13 Reasons Why, who’s a really bad representation for what mental illness and depression actually looks like.

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Movies / TV Shows for All Your Lazy Day Needs


First of all, I apologize for missing last Friday. Frankly, I’ve been having a bit of a week, and I’ve just needed to take a few days to do absolutely nothing. However, because of this, I’m going to be publishing two posts today to make up for that.

For my first post here, I thought I’d make a bit of a list of some of the best things you can watch or marathon. Now, as a “starving artist” myself, I go out of my way to find media that inspires me to create, gives me ideas, and stays in my mind for a years after they’ve ended. So here are some of my top favorites:

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13 Reasons Why You Should


Maybe you’ve seen it, maybe you haven’t, but 13 Reasons Why has been the centerpiece of a lot of controversy recently. If you don’t know, it’s a relatively new show streaming on Netflix, just to make sure everyone’s caught up here. It’s about a girl who kills herself, Hannah. She leaves behind thirteen tapes with the story of her life, leading up to her suicide. Before she dies, she leaves these tapes with a person who was mentioned on them, and they have to pass them on to the next person or else they’ll be released publicly by some unknown person. As you might suspect, there’s a lot of incriminating stuff on those tapes.

Let’s backtrack here – when I say controversy, I mean that I’ve only seen really negative things about it. How the show can drive people to suicide, how it portrays everything really badly, blah blah blah.

Being someone who’s actually thought about offing myself at least a few times in this past week, I’m here to pull the show apart and tell you what I think. Not like you really care about another opinion you see on the internet, but I felt like throwing my two cents in anyway.

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How Many People Has it Been Now? Sitcoms and the Over Sexualization of Our Culture


Now, don’t get me wrong – I love a good sitcom. I’m all about that mindless entertainment to get me through those days when I really don’t want to exist. Sure, there’s a lack of plot line, the characters are usually pretty flat, and the jokes are rarely funny enough to actually make me laugh, but hey, I like the relationship dynamics, it’s fun to have on in the background as I work on chores, and I love watching things work out well for people. It’s relateable and gives me hope that my own adult like can’t be that bad, or at least, as bad as theirs. If they can figure things out, so can I, I guess.

My point of this is not to crack down on stupid sitcoms and how bad they are for our culture, but rather, I want to talk about one of the most problematic aspects of the genre in and of itself – the over sexualization of the stories.

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