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I Am Jane Doe


I’ve been abused throughout my life. Not sexually, no, and I’m extremely thankful for that. Both my parents and many people I know, however, haven’t been so lucky.

I have been, however, a victim of being a girl. It seems I can’t leave the house without being catcalled, and that’s not an exaggeration. I have had multiple people growing up base my value on sex instead of who I actually am. I decided to wear a cute tank top I just bought when I was thirteen years old, only to struggle with ever wearing it again because I caught old men checking me out. I’ve been too scared to date anyone in case they attempt to force me into things I’m not comfortable with. Walking in the dark freaks me out, and I can’t pass anyone while walking home without planning out a strategy for how to get away from them in case I’m attacked. In fact, I started making plans for these things before I was even thirteen years old – before I really knew what rape even was. I’ve watched countless documentaries and stories on males and females alike being sexually abused, and it’s so integrated into our culture, one of my best friends is legitimately scared to keep her car doors unlocked when she’s driving because human trafficking is such a big issue.

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I watch a lot of documentaries. Most of them, granted, are about serial killers and murders, but I’ll really watch anything. I know they’re usually bias, and you can twist media to prove any point you would like to, but I think the more you know about the world and it’s people, the better. I particularly enjoy the films based around cultural taboos and other such things.

However, I recently watched one called The Girl Whose Muscles Are Turning To Bone. This, of course, features a rare disease called Fibrodysplasia Ossificans Progressiva, or FOP. At it’s core, this disease turns your muscles into bones. The more your muscles get damaged, your body repairs them by turning them into bone. Of course, given the nature of the condition, there’s no cure. At least right now. It’s absolutely tragic. As a person grows up, their movements are restricted more and more, until the point where their bodies are completely frozen, and they’re unable to move at all. In this way, their bodies – in an attempt to repair themselves – are actively working to create their own cage to be trapped in.

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The Here After – Swedish film by some genius screen writer, that stars the beautiful Ulrik Munther who has not only represented Sweden in Eurovision, but is a boy with an absolutely beautiful face.

I’ll stop fangirling for a moment. That’s not why you’re here. 

Now, I haven’t seen a lot of films depicting what it’s like to have mental illnesses. I watch a lot of documentaries on the subject, yes, but very often do I find these sorts of characters portrayed in media. When they are, we get people like Hannah from 13 Reasons Why, who’s a really bad representation for what mental illness and depression actually looks like.

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Movies / TV Shows for All Your Lazy Day Needs


First of all, I apologize for missing last Friday. Frankly, I’ve been having a bit of a week, and I’ve just needed to take a few days to do absolutely nothing. However, because of this, I’m going to be publishing two posts today to make up for that.

For my first post here, I thought I’d make a bit of a list of some of the best things you can watch or marathon. Now, as a “starving artist” myself, I go out of my way to find media that inspires me to create, gives me ideas, and stays in my mind for a years after they’ve ended. So here are some of my top favorites:

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Tired of Star Wars Posts? Have One More!


I grew up with Star Wars. I can still remember the first time I watched it. My dad has a cabin up in the middle of nowhere, and after buying one of those hokey old travel TVs, we set out to watch A New Hope on our way there.

Of course, I loved it. Felt incredibly guilty about watching it – hoped my mom would be okay with it – and it became a new tradition after that.

Now-a-days, the show isn’t as nerdy as it is mainstream, I guess, and although I love all the new stuff coming out, I feel like all the hype takes away from what the series always was for me. Regardless, in honor of Star Wars day yesterday, I made a list of the top twenty lessons the movies taught me.

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