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We’re All Allowed To Have Lazy Days

This one just happens to be one of mine. 


Busy weekend with my sister’s birthday, busy week ahead of me working and starting to move into my new place, and I think I may or may not be getting sick. By sick I mean that I’ve pretty much slept through the past three days and I’m still exhausted, but hey, we’ll see how it goes. Hopefully it’s just a result of what my dad refers to as ‘the monthlies,’ but I’m really hoping I won’t be falling asleep on the job tomorrow.

Anyways, because I’m being slightly lazy today and owed you all a post anyway, I thought I’d show you guys some incredible things I just found on Youtube. You all know what TED talks are, right? I just found these two over the past days of endless sleep that really got me thinking. I think they’re so crazy important to listen to and to understand – and the women who do the speeches are absolutely incredible.

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After Tragedy Strikes

…How Do You Put Yourself Back Together?


I know I touched on this a bit ago in this amazing guest post, but I thought I’d like to expand a little more on the topic. Tragedy happens, people leave us, we get ourselves out of bad situations are are forced to deal with the ensuing trauma – so just how are we supposed to pick ourselves up after that? How are we supposed to move forward and find ourselves again?

There aren’t any easy answers to those things. Believe me, I know. I’ve had to pick myself up off the floor too many times to think dealing with things and moving on is simple. But I do know a few things that’ve helped me rediscover (or discover for the first time) myself admits the chaos. Seeing as that’s what I’m in the middle of dealing with, and I know a lot of my friends are too, I thought it was about time I wrote something about it.

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The Here After – Swedish film by some genius screen writer, that stars the beautiful Ulrik Munther who has not only represented Sweden in Eurovision, but is a boy with an absolutely beautiful face.

I’ll stop fangirling for a moment. That’s not why you’re here. 

Now, I haven’t seen a lot of films depicting what it’s like to have mental illnesses. I watch a lot of documentaries on the subject, yes, but very often do I find these sorts of characters portrayed in media. When they are, we get people like Hannah from 13 Reasons Why, who’s a really bad representation for what mental illness and depression actually looks like.

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No, I’m Not Going to Start Singing About It


Because the topic of today is ‘letting go.’ And just to reiterate my point, we’re not talking about Frozen, so before you start singing the song that literally follows you everywhere, stop for a moment so it doesn’t get stuck in your head.

Too late, I know. 

Anyways, I’ve been learning a lot about myself in the past little while. To be honest with you, most of it has been bad. Not bad in the way that I need to stop chasing stranger’s children with nerf guns bad, but more like ‘why the heck would you do this to yourself’ bad. The main issue I’ve been realizing, however, is my inability to let things go. As I’ve been discovering, I actually hold on to everything in my life, however insignificant a thing it may be, because I feel as though it brings me a safety and security I can’t get elsewhere in my otherwise chaotic life.

Boy was that wrong.

Holding onto things doesn’t mean security, it’s more like throwing yourself in your own prison and tossing away the key. It takes away from your peace, adds to your stress and misery, and until I learn to let these things go properly, I’m never going to find freedom within myself.

That being said, I find that this pertains to not only myself, but pretty much everyone else as well. So here I’ve written a bit of a list of the things I’m learning to let go of, in hopes that it may give you some good ideas as well.

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Where in the World Are You?


That’s actually a line one of my favorite characters delivered in this book series. I’ve been rereading it with one of my friends recently, and although I never really thought about this particular piece of dialogue besides the fact that it’s brilliant foreshadowing, I’ve really started to think about this recently.

I know I talked before about default positions in your world, and this isn’t too far off from that, but I wanted to introduce a new concept that I’ve been thinking about a lot recently. It might seem kind of crazy, and you might completely disagree with me, but I don’t really care. It’s just one of my theories about people, and in the end, there’s no way to either prove it nor disprove it, so take what you will and leave everything else in the trash.

Let me start off by saying something crazy: you exist inside your world more than you do in ‘reality.’

Let me break this down for you a little bit here. It makes sense when you think about it, I promise. We’re going to start of sciencey before I get too crazy on you here. Don’t want to lose my audience right off the bat.

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