Contests & Submissions

To Find Current and Upcoming Contests, Check Here

Part of my goal in making this blog, is to give people an opportunity to come together and support each other – to create a community, if you will. A big part of this, at least I believe, is in sharing your talents with the world. This not only allows you to start building a name for yourself in your own endeavors and dreams, but allows you to meet like minded people who can both support and inspire you.

As of now, we’re open to submissions of all kinds. Submissions may include:

  • Short stories up to 5,000 words
  • Art of any kind
  • Poetry
  • Independent business features
  • Articles relating to blog themes (mental health, young adult life, fashion, etc)
  • Recipes
  • Reviews on music, books, movies, etc

Submission Rules:

  • Submissions may not be accepted if deemed inappropriate or irrelevant for blog.
  • All submissions have a $2 reading fee, and the payment must be received before your submission is read.
  • Send your work to, with the subject line as “Submission – Your name – Date sent.”
  • The reading fee can be sent through Paypal using the same email as above. The message must include your name and the date your submission was sent.
  • The submission fee will not be refunded if submission is not accepted.

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