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On The Topic Of Getting Older

Being An Adult Is Not What I Thought It Would Be.


A few years ago, I went to England all alone. Thought it would be a good experience, and I had to wait a year before I could attend college at the same time as my friend. Or so went the plan. I was eighteen, fresh out of high school, and a rather inexperienced and naive kid. Needless to say, I learned a lot about the world, myself, and navigating society as a successful adult. It was pretty cool.

Moving here – without any backup, parents, friends, or otherwise – has taught me a whole heck of a lot more. While you may not agree with all these things, I decided to write about what it means to be an adult.

Or something.

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Week(ish) In Photos

Because I thought it would be fun.


Ever wanted a glimpse into my life? No? Well, you’re about to get one.

I thought a fun sort of project for the week would be to take photos of some of the places and things that make me happy – kind of like a reminder to myself that there are still lots of beautiful things left in the world. It helps put things into perspective, I guess, and it’s kind of interesting looking back and seeing what you think is important and what isn’t.

Anyways, you get the idea.

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Happy Thanksgiving, Y’all

Well, if you’re in Canada, that is. Which I am. Obviously. Sorry, all you Americans. Too slow to the game, suckers. 



I remember New Years so well. Boyfriend came up to my room drunk at 3AM and handed me a lemon, I drank by myself and watched trashy films or something, and that was that. Well, sorta. I remember thinking to myself – I guess I had this feeling – that 2017 was going to be huge for me. My life would take off, things would be different, and it would be happy, something of which I hadn’t seen in somewhere around two years.

I’m not there yet. In all honestly, this year has been shit. I was right about everything changing and being completely different from before, but happy? I’m not sure I’ve quite reached that, although I’m a lot closer to it than I was a few months ago. In the very least I can say that I’m beginning to believe that the world still does possess some good after all, because I had been pretty damn convinced that it didn’t.

However, it’s Thanksgiving – the one time of the year where we all sit around and take time to be thankful for what we have. Or something. Honestly, it’s mostly just shitty family dinners, mashed potatoes, and another weekend to work retail. After all, shouldn’t we be thankful about the happinesses in our lives all the time? Seeing as it is the long weekend, though, I thought I may as well take the opportunity to reflect on some of the more delightful aspects of my life.

This year, I’m thankful for…

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Blogger Recognition Award


So a few weeks ago now (at least I think it’s been that long), I got nominated for the Blogger Recognition Award by Charlie Chatters. I must admit that I had never heard of her blog before getting the mention, and I’m almost disappointed I hadn’t had a chance to check her out earlier! I don’t spend a whole lot of my time blog reading – perhaps it’s just because I haven’t managed to find a whole lot of them I’ve enjoyed incredibly, but I’m so glad to have the chance to get involved in a bit of the community and with some of the incredible people within it. After all, we’re all writers living our lives in the best way we can, right? And community is kind of my thing. It’s a good reminder to me to invest more time in the important things – less stressing and more friending.

Anyways, Charlie Catters is a delightful blog and totally worth checking out. For sure. She writes a bunch on video games, books, her experiences in life – you know, the kind of content that’s really worth reading, and the kind of person who’s worth getting to know. I’m beyond honored that she thought my blog – one of which I’m still very much in the process of developing – was worth mentioning. So thanks so much, love. Can’t wait to see some of the next amazing things you come out with.

So here goes:

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That’s A Lot of Lists

You Even Have Lists Of The Lists You Need To Make


Recently, I’ve been noticing something about myself: the more I let things go, the more peace I feel about things. However, when I let myself get caught up in my own concerns, fears, expectations, and stressers, the worse I feel. For example, I can start a day thinking that I have to get everything on my to-do list done, or I can start my day without putting any expectations on myself at all. In the first scenario, I’m basing my worth on the things I can accomplish. In the second, however, I’m basing my worth on who I am as a person, instead of what I can or cannot get done.

Sounds a bit complicated, sure, and I’ll probably get into that whole thing a bit later. For now, however, that’s hardly my point. With everything that I’ve been learning about myself, and as much as I adore my systems of organization, as I stated before, I’ve been figuring out that I completely base my confidence on the things that I can do. I’ll start my day by considering ‘how much can I get done today?’ Nothing besides this matters to me. I won’t bother to feed myself because I’m too busy working, I spend 90% of my time forcing myself to get things done just because I feel like I need to, and if I get less than three-quarters of my list crossed off, I had an unsuccessful day.

Now, I’m not saying that you shouldn’t work. Sometimes, in order to get things done, you have to do things regardless of whether or not you want to. That, of course, is the reality of the world. However, basing your entire life around this concept is hardly a way to live, and this is exactly what I’ve been doing.

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