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You Can Write A Novel In Three Days!?


You must be absolutely insane!

Two years ago now, I entered this writing contest. I was so excited about it. I had been planning it for months, spending countless hours preparing, and when it reached time to start, I went into that thing full swing.

The point of the contest was to complete a novel in three days. Now, the judges of this contest knew the novels would be short, unedited, and, frankly, crap. It was mostly for the fun of it, I think. The thrill of the challenge. Not doing anything for three whole days but writing. I barely ate, barely slept, and every waking moment was spent locked up in my room, rapidly typing away at my keyboard.

It was amazing. That was the moment, when I submitted this junky novel to this contest, that I felt like I was a writer for the first time in my life. I had accomplished something incredible, possibly one of the most incredible things in my life. It’s not the point that my novel didn’t place and I can’t read it back without wanting to cry, but the fact that I did it.

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