Life of a twenty-something year old

Because Who Doesn’t Love Pasta?

Thought I'd kick off this week by talking about another one of my favorite recipes, and a definite go to for me. It's easy, tasty, relatively healthy(?), and worth the effort you put into it. Definitely good for dinners. Cook... Continue Reading →


I watch a lot of documentaries. Most of them, granted, are about serial killers and murders, but I'll really watch anything. I know they're usually bias, and you can twist media to prove any point you would like to, but... Continue Reading →

From England With Love

There're a lot of good things that came out of my trip to England a few years ago. One of those things, thankfully, was the recipe for cheesy mash. Before I left, I can't believe that I never actually thought... Continue Reading →

The Five Love Languages

My mom went to college for social working and counselling. She fostered five(?) kids before I was born, and met my dad when she was working in a local group home. When it comes to psychology, she knows her stuff.... Continue Reading →

Dedicated to My Hero

As it happens when your dad lives four hours away and you don't drive, it doesn't look like I'm going to be able to spend Father's Day with him this year. Unfortunately, this happens a lot. As much as I'd... Continue Reading →


The Here After - Swedish film by some genius screen writer, that stars the beautiful Ulrik Munther who has not only represented Sweden in Eurovision, but is a boy with an absolutely beautiful face. I'll stop fangirling for a moment.... Continue Reading →

The Face of Depression

I've had a really sucky few days, as I just mentioned in my last post. Nothing new has happened. I haven't been triggered by some terrible event or random comment or anything like that, but it's been hard. I don't... Continue Reading →

Movies / TV Shows for All Your Lazy Day Needs

First of all, I apologize for missing last Friday. Frankly, I've been having a bit of a week, and I've just needed to take a few days to do absolutely nothing. However, because of this, I'm going to be publishing... Continue Reading →

No, I’m Not Going to Start Singing About It

Because the topic of today is 'letting go.' And just to reiterate my point, we're not talking about Frozen, so before you start singing the song that literally follows you everywhere, stop for a moment so it doesn't get stuck... Continue Reading →

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