So What’s Going on Here?

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I feel like I’m trying to build a piece of furniture in a pitch black room, while blindfolded, when I haven’t even seen what the end product is supposed to look like. Life, after all, is often times the perfect subject of that metaphor. We didn’t ask to be born, now did we? And yet here we are, struggling along in our day to day lives, constantly hoping for more.

It all gets a bit much, doesn’t it? 

But this is me, trying to build this kitchen table or whatever it is, and I don’t want to have to do it alone. That’s why I started this blog – to not only hold myself accountable, but to share my experiences with others in hopes that the things I’ve been learning may come to help them as well. In which case, this is the sort of content you’re likely to see from me:

A fair amount of information on mental health, specifically with depression and anxiety
Meal ideas, recipes, and tips
Ideas to make your day to day life easier
Monthly magazine full of featured resources
Ebooks and other resources
Stories for when you get bored
Entertaining ideas, thoughts, and games
What I’ve learned about the world and myself that has helped me out
Fashion and other such topics
Current reviews of books and media
Both Writing and artistic tips and information

3 thoughts on “So What’s Going on Here?”

    1. Thanks for stopping in and saying hi!
      You’ve got a great blog – I’ve really been enjoying checking up on the various posts and everything you publish. Thanks for being awesome 🙂

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