We’re All Allowed To Have Lazy Days

This one just happens to be one of mine. 


Busy weekend with my sister’s birthday, busy week ahead of me working and starting to move into my new place, and I think I may or may not be getting sick. By sick I mean that I’ve pretty much slept through the past three days and I’m still exhausted, but hey, we’ll see how it goes. Hopefully it’s just a result of what my dad refers to as ‘the monthlies,’ but I’m really hoping I won’t be falling asleep on the job tomorrow.

Anyways, because I’m being slightly lazy today and owed you all a post anyway, I thought I’d show you guys some incredible things I just found on Youtube. You all know what TED talks are, right? I just found these two over the past days of endless sleep that really got me thinking. I think they’re so crazy important to listen to and to understand – and the women who do the speeches are absolutely incredible.

Not only does she talk about her own journey with mental illness and suicide, but addresses the societal phenomenon of suicidal joke posts online. Shes got great points about how we should be addressing these things as a society instead of the way we are, and discusses her theory as to why people get so uncomfortable when we start talking about therapy, struggling, or going through rough times.


So freaking cool, okay. It’s amazing to hear the experience of someone who came from a place of such hate to learning acceptance and love. It’s incredible. Not only that though – she dives into the problem with our modern society and our idea of acceptance. How, in our quest for tolerance, we’ve been making enemies of anyone who doesn’t share the same opinion as us, and the war we’ve been creating between us is breeding separation and hatred, instead of the love we’ve been trying to foster. Really great look into ourselves and how we’re treating those around us.

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