Everything You Need When Moving Out

Or, Well, Some of it. 


If you’ve been keeping up with my posts at all, you’ll know that I’m about to move out of my grandparents house and into my own apartment. Got a cute roommate, the people I’m renting from are delightful, and I can’t wait to get in there. There’s a lot of work that they’re going to have to do – cleaning the place up and renos and whatnot, but my plan is to slowly transition over the month of September. It’ll give me time to organize and set up my things properly, avoid stress, and stay where I am until I’m comfortable being there.

I don’t really like moving very much. It’s important to me to have my space, you know? Like a home base.

Anyway, since this is my first time moving out on my own (despite living away from home at least a dozen times), I’ve started thinking about what exactly you need for your own home. A lot of the things you have around, you take for granted until you don’t have someone else shopping for you.

In that case, this is the beginnings of a list as to what you need when moving out. Hopefully it’ll be helpful to more people than just myself.

Kitchen equipment. I’m talking everything. Spatulas, wooden spoons, bowls, garlic presses, can openers, etc etc. Pizza’s amazing, yeah. But you’re not going to get very far cooking wise if you don’t have the tools you need.

Utensils. Always going to need something to eat with, and eat on. You’ll only get so far without them.

Spices. Because who wants boring food? Like really? Getting a cute little spice rack is a great way to keep them all organized as well.

Food. Think of a list of staples you should always keep around the house. For example, I eat a heck of a lot of chickpeas. Rice and pasta are good things to always have on hand, same with milk or cheese or whatever else. Start small and go from there.

Foodie extras. No idea what to label this as, so just roll with it. You know when you open up your grandmother’s pantry and it’s filled with flours and sugars and different kinds of nuts and soup bases and lentils and beans and whatever else you can think of? Yeah. You’ll need those. Instead of keeping everything in bags, however, especially since most of that stuff you can buy bulk, grab a bunch of mason jars from the dollar store to keep them all tidy and accessible. It’ll save you kitchen room too. Just don’t forget the labels.

Cleaning Supplies. Counter cleaner, paper towel, dish clothes, a scrub brush for doing dishes, something to clean your bathroom with, a broom, etc etc. I, for one, like having a clean house. Now, I am a little bit of a perfectionist, but having cleaning supplies on hand will definitely help keep your space tidy. Preferably, the less chemicals the better, of course. But there are a lot of great alternates out there – and a lot of great cleaning supplies you can actually make from home to save you money.

Furniture. Kinda goes without saying, right?

Decorations. I know this isn’t important to everyone, but having a space you enjoy will make coming home at the end of the day so much better. There’s something about having a really nice house or apartment that just fills you up and gets you more enjoyment out of life, you know? Make it yours.

Toilet paper. And other bathroom necessities. Tissues, shampoo, soap, and all that other stuff. Things you don’t necessarily think about all the time, but really important to keep on hand.

Coat hangers. Having no place to hang up your coats, towels, clothes in your closet, or even to put your shoes, is a bit of a pain. Plus, it’ll lead to a messier house.

Welcome mats. How big is the yard and outside of the area you’re going to be moving to? How much maintenance is it going to take to upkeep? Are you going to need a lawn mower, rake, pair of gloves for weeding?

Storage Containers. You’re inevitably going to have stuff that doesn’t fit on shelves. Stuff that you would rather store somewhere until it’s needed. What are you going to do with it? Where are you going to keep it? What are you going to keep it in? And how are you going to know what’s what when everything’s been tidied and put away?

Organization. This is super important, especially if you’re living with roommates. How are you going to communicate with each other? Where are you going to leave all your important papers? When are chores going to be done? How do you keep things clean and uncluttered while still respecting each other’s individual needs and habits? How are you going to plan your meals or pay rent? All these are insanely important details to iron out, whether you’re living by yourself or otherwise. You won’t have a very successful first home life if not.

Did I miss something? Completely leave out some point that I should probably know about and be able to prepare for? Let me know you’re moving in lists and stories.



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