Things You Have To Do In The Summer

Because It’s Almost Over And You’re Gunna Miss Out If You Don’t.


To be honest, I was feeling a bit antsy about this post. Not like there’s any pressure or anything, and I certainly don’t have anyone I really need to impress, but I missed posting Friday again, and there may just possibly be someone keeping up with my blog now that I feel the need to be cool for. I said may, alright? So don’t take that too far. Besides, there’s nothing cool about me. I’m a walking nerd. Random strangers come up to me and ask me where the nearest anime shops are. Think it might be the pink hair(?)


Hopefully I can be a bit more consistent now. It’s not an exaggeration when I say that my life’s completely changed from what it was a few days ago – which is awesome – but comes with a lot of life commitments. But since I’m starting to get into a bit of a routine here and whatnot, it should be good.

I thought that today, given the fact that August is just about over and September’s coming up pretty fast here, I’d write my ultimate to do list for the summer. There’s still a bit of time left to tackle everything, so tell me what you think of my ideas. Have any of your own ‘must dos?’ Let me know so I can be sure to try those too.

Spend at least one day at the beach. I’m definitely an indoors person. I prefer sitting on the couch, cuddled up with a blanket and a cup of tea, than facing the extreme heat of the sun. That being said, there’s nothing quite like going swimming in a lake, messing around, and taking a nap on the sand. It’s just ridiculously pleasant.

Drink iced tea. I’m not talking the sugar stuff you buy in the store, I’m talking about making your own iced tea at home from scratch. It’s actually the most incredible thing. Also, iced lattes.

Stay up late going star gazing. Very important. I don’t care if you’re by yourself or with someone else, but there’s something about sitting out at night in the summer that really seems to recharge your batteries and gives you a new perspective on things.

Ice cream. Just. Ice cream.

Summer reading lists. Because I’m more of a homebody, for me, there’s nothing quite like sitting down with a good book. The sunlight just makes it more special, for some reason. And, if I’m feeling a bit more social, then sitting down at a nearby park is also wonderful.

Picnics with friends. Just grab a bunch of crappy junk food, or actually spend time making something tasty, and hang out somewhere for a while. As long as it’s not too hot.

Summer parties. You know the kinds where it’s just you and a few of your close friends? The ones where you’re all drinking something and sitting outside in the evening and it’s super chill and laid back? Yeah, that kind. Super lowkey.

Go to pubs. I’m not talking fancy bars, but run down, small town pubs. Especially later at night if they play life music.

Day trips. It’s not summer until you’ve traveled somewhere, got out of town for a little bit, and experienced a different side of life.

Fires. Most summers they get banned here, since we have a ridiculous level of forest fires every year. However, sitting around a camp fire, chatting and roasting marshmallows is pretty much the best thing ever. Because marshmallows.

Salads. I’m actually obsessed with creative and fresh summer salads. It’s too hot to eat anything else really, and there’s just so many cool things you can create. I usually like inventing my own.

Sleeping outside. I’m not big on camping. I don’t get enough personal space, I can’t sleep anywhere that’s not my own bed, and I like having showers accessible. However, sleeping under the stars on a warm summer night pretty much makes up for all of those things.

Going for walks. Whether you like hiking or just hanging around, there’re so many opportunities to discover new places and trails and things just around the corner that you never realized were there before.

Become a tourist in your own city for a day. Summer gives the perfect excuse to get out of the house and experience some of the not ‘day-to-day’ life happening around town. Like some of the great restaurants or shops.

All nighters. While I can’t usually stay up all night as easily as I could when I was a bit younger, staying up to ridiculous hours in the morning playing video games, marathon Netflix, or hanging out with friends is what the season’s all about.

Complain that it’s too hot, and that you can’t wait for the fall. Enough said.

Take advantage of those places that are only open during the summer. In Nakusp, there are these fries I can only ever get during the summer months. And let me tell you, I go crazy with those things when they’re available.

Have a summer fling. As we all know, I’m a little insane. I’ll fall in love with some random person for like a week, and then it’ll be over. Chances are, they hardly know I exist. I know not everyone does this, but there’s nothing quite like the promise for a little summer romance – whether it lasts a few days, a few weeks, or simply stays an unspoken crush. There’s nothing more fun than this, honestly. And there’s ice cream if you’re let down in the end.

Cold showers. Because it’s so bloody hot outside that you need the refresher.

Lemonade. Actually obsessed with this stuff. And no, I’m not talking about real, authentic, I-actually-used-real-lemons lemonade, I’m talking about the sugar crystals you get in the store. And once your drinks done, you can always eat a bit of the sugar out of the container too. Because it’s really tasty.


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