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Song I’m Never Actually Going to Finish


Scars of Gold – wip 

Verse 1 – play first and second part together
I miss the way you used to look at me
As if I were the most important
And your eyes held all the intensity of love
But then I had to watch you fade from me
Feel the ice cold of your gaze
It froze me solid
Stopped the blood in my veins That I could go from being someone’s treasure
To a half developed thought

There’s no such thing as closure
When one day you just stopped
Without explanation
But you still kiss me like there’s no tomorrow
Like I’m the only light you see
And I don’t get it
I don’t get it
Where the hell are you leaving me?

So why can’t we stop this game of pretend
Faking indifference like we’ve lost nothing
When we’ve just handed over the whole world
Like it didn’t mean anything
I’m tired of being a hero in a failed musical
Aren’t you? 

So where the hell does that leave us
Caught up in a world of coulda beens
Wearing our regrets like badges of honour
Before we’re even twenty three
There are ghosts of you everywhere I look
They say they fade with time
But somehow I don’t think
I’ll ever fall asleep
Without the image of your face
When you said you loved me
You’ve left scars on my heart that’ll never fade
Well baby
I’ll fill them with gold
But they’re always going to be in the shape of your name

Verse 2ish
Always thought that fairy tales were true
I believed in romance
Despite all the worlds shit
Are you trying to disprove me
Point out how I’m wrong

It ain’t love that’s dead
It’s us
And maybe if we grew up and talked
Maybe if we started over like we were never hurt
Maybe we could be fine
Instead of getting drunk off the tension in the air
Unspoken words hanging on cowards tongues 

Prechorus or verse three or something? 

Cause I know your thoughts are full of love
when they stumble across me
But you’re too dumb to get it
It’s you and me love
Always you and me
And if you make this choice
We’ll always be
Not quite meant to be
When we coulda had the world
Funny thing is
You know that too 

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