You Can Write A Novel In Three Days!?


You must be absolutely insane!

Two years ago now, I entered this writing contest. I was so excited about it. I had been planning it for months, spending countless hours preparing, and when it reached time to start, I went into that thing full swing.

The point of the contest was to complete a novel in three days. Now, the judges of this contest knew the novels would be short, unedited, and, frankly, crap. It was mostly for the fun of it, I think. The thrill of the challenge. Not doing anything for three whole days but writing. I barely ate, barely slept, and every waking moment was spent locked up in my room, rapidly typing away at my keyboard.

It was amazing. That was the moment, when I submitted this junky novel to this contest, that I felt like I was a writer for the first time in my life. I had accomplished something incredible, possibly one of the most incredible things in my life. It’s not the point that my novel didn’t place and I can’t read it back without wanting to cry, but the fact that I did it.

I wrote a freaking novel in three days.

So here’s my challenge. I’m going to pick three days in October, the 20th to the 22nd, where I’m going to write like crazy. Let’s see if I can finish another novel off in that time, or in the very least, make a good dent. If you’d like to join me in that, all entries are $10. I’ll read through all the content you come up with, and pick the top three winners that’ll have their work featured on my blog. I’ll also go through with the winner and set up a Skype chat where we can talk about some of their works, as well as some things to help them out in the future. As the contest comes closer, more prizes will be revealed as well. However, I’m not limiting this to just novels. I’m talking about short story collections, poetry collections, songs, or any articles that you’d like to submit.

And really, like I said before, it’s for the experience more than anything. So we can all come together as a community of artists, motivate each other, and (finally) get our stuff done.

Of course, entries cannot be started before the three days. It’s pretty obvious what works have had a bit more time on them. Keep things rated no higher than 14A, any genre is accepted, and most of all, have fun!

Submit all finished stories to at the end of the three days. Payment can be received through Paypal by the same email as above. Once you apply, you’ll receive a confirmation email, and more messages closer to the contest date with further information.

Happy artisting, everyone!

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