What Happens When All Your Friends Are Distant


Recently, the majority of the friends I have in my life are mostly online. Whether this is because they legitimately live far away or simply because we can’t find time in our busy schedules to meet up, most of my relationships revolve more around Skype than they do tea dates. It’s cheaper, easier to fit into everyone’s schedules – and for people like us (vastly introverted), it offers an unsocial way to be social. While a lot of people may look at this as an example of how technology is separating us as human beings, I like to see it as a way to bring people together. This is my list of the top things that happen when all your friends are online.

You talk all the time. Literally. Regardless of timezone, work schedules, or daily obligations, you’re always chatting.

You’re actually a lot more open with these people. It’s easier to get to know someone’s thoughts and feelings when you feel the added safety of sitting behind a screen instead of shopping.

You spend less money. A tea date is sitting on Skype chatting while drinking whatever you have in the cupboard. Instead of spending six dollars per cup.

They’re always around when you need them. Even if they don’t respond right away, you can get everything off your chest when you need to, and you know they’re going to read it all and be there as soon as they can.

The farther away your internet friends live, the more you get to learn about their different cultures and families. You get to meet people you wouldn’t normally get to.

You get more opportunities to travel.

You meet people based on similar interests instead of just the people who are in your general vicinity.

Skype conversations that literally last over five hours. You’re both preoccupied with your own things and you’re barely speaking, but you just like looking at their face too much to hang up.

Staying up all night to hang out.

Hanging out a lot more often because you can avoid the stress of having to work everything around everyone’s schedule.

 Checking your phone whenever you wake up just to make sure you’re not missing any long ramblings of your out of timezone friends.

Spending hours typing to people who won’t be around for another few hours, just because you know that they’re not only going to read your pages and pages of junk, but because they’re actually going to enjoy it too.

So what do you think of this list? What are some of your favorite things about long-distance friendships?

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