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Month: July 2017

Pizza Appreciation Post

Because there’s nothing quite like pizza to get you through your life. Number one reason to live right here. 

There is Always Hope

Let me tell you guys a bit of a story here. When I was a kid, I remember crying in my room because I had to grow up without a […]

Hope the Writer’s Life Goes Well

The world is dark. There is nothing. Nothing to exist, nothing to be – an empty void of all things forsaken and lost. Shadows like figures and shapes dance in […]

You Can Write A Novel In Three Days!?

You must be absolutely insane! Two years ago now, I entered this writing contest. I was so excited about it. I had been planning it for months, spending countless hours […]

I Am Jane Doe

I’ve been abused throughout my life. Not sexually, no, and I’m extremely thankful for that. Both my parents and many people I know, however, haven’t been so lucky. I have […]

Best Snack Ever #Confirmed

Let’s tackle another recipe – and this one is one of my absolute favorites. Amazing snack for pretty much very possible time you can think of, and a sure-fire way […]

Why I’m Trying to be Edgy…

…When I’m actually an adult and not an emo teenager.  The amount of context needed for these posts is not to be underestimated. However, I’ll keep it short. You see, […]