Top Ten Artist Traits


That may or may not relate to you.

We all enjoy reading things we feel as though we can relate to, and after reading countless articles about artists and their so called personality traits, I decided to have a go at it myself. So this is my list for the top ten traits you’re going to have if you’re of a more artistic nature.

You’re messy. Now, this isn’t to say that you don’t tidy up after yourself, and you don’t enjoy having things clean and in their place. That’s actually a rather important thing to me. But rather, you’re willing to push your massive messes to the back of your mind, because you know there are far more important and creative things you could be doing with your time.

You exist on your own time schedule. That old nine to five thing doesn’t work for you. Either you’re getting up at the crack of dawn, or, if you’re like me, only realize you need to sleep when you see the sun start coming up. Pair that with a lot of naps, and you’ve got your second personality trait.

You live in your ideas. Literally. No matter what you’re presently doing – working, chores, school, socializing, etc etc – you’re constantly consumed with the next step in your project. You converse with your characters, finish your paintings in your dreams, and live for the moments you’re free to create again. In fact, most of the time you genuinely believe your ideas are far more important than the real world anyway.

You’re suffering. Understanding art is to understand the human condition at its finest. While sometimes this comes out as unending joy, other times, you need to explore the deepest and most miserable parts of yourself in order to explore art and humanity properly. You go between emotional extremes. All famous artists and writers throughout history have shown proof of this, so I don’t think it’s such a huge leap to make.

You can’t conform. No matter what it is – corporations, school systems, cultural rules – you simply can’t fit into the mold. You have ideas and beliefs that challenge the ideals of our time, and therefore, you not only see yourself as an outsider, but as somewhat ‘insane.’

You’re poor. Not saying that all of us fit into that ‘starving artist’ trope, but you spend so much time pursuing your dreams outside of cultural pressures and expectations, that money isn’t your main focus. After all, you’ll make it one day, right? And even if you don’t, your works will probably be appreciated after your death, just like so many others who’ve come before you.

You have somewhat unusual habits. In order to get into a good and proper creative mood, you have certain rituals that you have to do. For me, it’s to drink at least ten cups of tea, have all my pens aligned properly, listen to instrumental music loud in my headphones, and sit in a very particular way. Throughout my daily life, however, I also pretend to be my characters on a regular basis, draw them all over my body so I don’t forget to think about the story, and I always have to brush my bangs out of my face if I’m being serious about something.

You consume stories like drugs. Doesn’t matter whether these stories are Netflix shows, documentaries, video games, podcasts, Youtube videos, or books. You consume both fiction and nonfiction like an addiction, and really, it is one. Not only does this inspire your own works, but it helps you dive deeper into the human psyche by exploring the characters and aesthetics you find within the various mediums.

You have a fascination with the darker aspects of life. While most people focus on sunshine, lollipops, and rainbows, you would rather spend your time watching horror. Not to be scared, although that’s certainly fun too, but rather, to explore the darkness within yourself and the rest of humanity. You see everything as a metaphor for what it means to be human.

You’re somewhat socially awkward. Whether you’re introverted or not, you only really have the time and energy for people who understand the world in the same way you do. Not that you can’t handle yourself in social situations – you’re actually quite charming – but you don’t find a reason to waste your time with such trivial things unless you specifically need to.

Well, that’s my artist trait list. Agree? Disagree? Anything you would add or take away from that list?

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