Those Five Seconds Change the World


Just to clear something up here – my goal for this blog is not to talk about my (ex) boyfriend all the time, okay? As I justify it, it’s just that he teaches me a lot of things that I like to use as examples for the points I’m trying to make. 


So my story starts with my (ex) boyfriend booking it up to my room and asking me for five bucks for a cab ride. He’s late for work and doesn’t have a lot of cash on him. Long story short (it’s really not that interesting), I give him the three bucks I can find in my wallet, and that’s that. He has his money, he’s in a rush, there’s nothing more to it than that.

Or at least I thought that was it.

Before he left, late or otherwise, he gave me a hug. He took five seconds to look after me, and then he left. Which may not seem like a whole lot, but this is a boy who can only really focus on one thing at a time. I’ve learned that when he’s late and rushing off to work, you stay out of his way as much as you can because he doesn’t have the head space for you at the moment, and you don’t want to force too much on his shoulders, as it were. However, he, as preoccupied as he was, he took time for me.

Of course, being a ridiculously sappy person and having not spoken to him for almost two weeks, this five seconds made my day.

Now, that got me thinking a bit – I work so ridiculously hard to make those around me happy. I give hours and hours of my time, go out of my way to make sure everyone’s taken care of and good to go, and yet, five seconds are enough to make someone’s day. Maybe I’ve been going about the whole friendship thing wrong. Not that I can’t make an effort for people, but maybe a few minutes of my time – sending a text, giving a hug, etc – is just as valuable as anything else is. Maybe it’s okay for me not to always give myself away to everyone around me, but rather, simple acts of kindness are just as powerful.

Think about it. What do five seconds cost you? A bit of time, sure. Minimal energy? A bit of intention and thought? Sure, okay. It takes something. But what does it get you? For the minimal amount of effort that he could have possibly taken for me, my (ex) boyfriend made my entire day.

I guess – especially working in customer service for so long – I always believed that a simple smile in the right place can change the course of an entire life. And again, what does a smile cost you? Nothing, right? Exactly. So for the cost of absolutely nothing, you can change the world one person at a time. Simply for taking that extra five seconds of your time to be a little extra considerate to someone else.

So here’s my challenge to both you, as well as myself: in the next coming weeks, what five seconds can you spend on those around you? It might just be checking up on how an old friend is doing over Facebook, giving that extra hug, buying someone that cup of tea – whatever it is, it’ll be far more valuable than you realize.

I’ll check back with you in a bit to tell you my five second victories. Let me know how you’ve done with my challenge as well!

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