I wanted to take a moment and fill everyone in on a few changes that are going to be happening around here. As you may know, my blog is a work in progress, and I’m basically always sitting at home on my laptop, trying to come up with more ideas that’ll make this place even cooler. The point of my blog, after all, is not only to talk about my experiences in life, but rather, to provide my readers with resources and support while they go through their experiences too. Which, of course, is you.

The biggest thing I’m going to be rolling out here is a new content page. I’m actually super excited about this. The content page is going to be full of free resources and other things I’ve either found or written myself to hopefully give you guys out there some good tools. Plus, it’s just going to be really fun.

On that page, you’re basically going to be able to find two things: Number one, a magazine issue that’s going to be published on the first of every month, and a collection of free ebooks that I’ve written myself. The magazines are going to be filled with resources, contests, updates, recipes, and other fun things. They’ll be available for anyone to download and read whenever they so desire. The ebooks are going to be based around content such as organization, meal prep, coping with anxiety, or other such topics. Those will also be listed as free resources for you to look through and use as much or as little as you would like. Those may take me a little bit longer to develop than the magazine, but I’m hoping to get the first one rolled out by next month.

Other than that, I’ve gotten a bunch of other things up and running. If you haven’t checked them out yet, I’ve got a list for you here:

  • Instagram – mostly for random trash, art, and cosplay
  • Tumblr – links to all my blog posts, mental health resources, and other cute things
  • Wattpad – publishing some of my own fiction and writing

Other things that may possibly be coming in the near future is the ability to buy some of my stories, art prints, or cosplay photos. I also may consider opening up a Twitter or a Patreon eventually. I would love to have guest writers create some posts of their own if anyone’s interested – as long as it follows with the theme of the blog – and I’d like to start publishing your (my readers) blog posts, articles, art, or whatever else in the monthly magazines.

That’s it for the moment. Tell me what you guys think! Is there anything you would like to see me do more of, any comments or suggestions? Topics you’d like me to cover?

Until next time ❤


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