Let’s Go to War – We all Hate February 

Valentine’s Day is over. Half priced chocolates and candy stock the shelves, and spring’s still not here yet??


It’s still raining, snowing,  hailing, clouding, and not at all sun shining, and everyone’s miserable. It’s scientifically proven that people are more miserable and sad this time of year. And by scientific, I mean that I worked in retail for years and January and February are legit the months of the rudest, grumpiest people. I get it man, this time of year is awful.

So what are we going to do about it? Sulk and wait for spring? Heck no, my dude. We’re going to fight the winter blues like the warriors we are. Who’s with me?

Look at that enthusiasm


  • Get yourself some vitamin D. It’ll help combat those winter blues. Also maybe eat some fatty fishes, and get as much sunshine as you can. Well, try.
  • Eat well! That’s always important. Getting proper meals will help your energy levels, and fun, enjoyable food makes you happier and less grumpy.
  • Start a new hobby or activity. It may be trashy outside, but you can at least be excited about something.
  • Enjoy winter activities. Let’s face it, you’re not going to be drinking hot chocolate, snuggled up on the couch with a good book during the summer, right? Well, I will be, but that’s besides the point. Enjoy it while it lasts.
  • Netflix, am I right?
  • And movie marathons? This definitely deserved a point all in itself.

Real talk guys? Winter sucks. It’s all fun in the beginning, but the lack of sunshine can really get to a person. There’s no real holidays until Easter, life gets dull and there are too many clouds, and it still gets dark far too early in the evening.

That’s a total lie. I like winter better than summer. But I can admit that the sunshine of June is a lot nicer.

Winter’s almost over guys. Yes, there’s still four feet of snow up where my dad lives in the mountains, but it won’t be here forever. The sun’ll come, it’ll soon be light outside at nine at night, and we can all be happy in the excruciating summer heat. Awesome.

But right now? You just gotta get through it. Enjoy Netflix. Snuggle with blankets, look forward to when you don’t need to leave the house in five layers of coats and scarves, but take each day as it comes. Stop complaining about the dark and find ways to enjoy it. Or at least tolerate it.

And for the sake of all things good in the world, don’t take your February blues out on anyone else. I’ve been there. I’ve seen how awful people can be to others when they’re caught up in their own winter misery.

Get over it.

The sky may be dreary but you don’t have to be, and if the world isn’t providing the sunshine that everyone desperately needs, then you may as well step up to the plate.

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