Hey y’all, I’m Bre. Welcome to Living That 20’s Life. Thanks for stopping by, I certainly appreciate it.

This is me, by the way. I’m pretty sure I was licking that rock here. Apparently it was sent by the aliens and licking it’s good luck, so I’m not entirely weird. Or something.

To be honest, I spent a good long time trying to figure out the absolutely perfect thing I could write here, and I ended up giving up. You ever have this thing where you think that every single decision you make is either going to be acceptable or royally screw you over? Yeah, there is no in between apparently. Which is one reason why I started this blog in the first place, to tackle misconceptions like that.


In case you care, I’m a twenty-something-year-old just trying to figure out life, happiness, and everything in between. Hopefully, as I learn to navigate work, school, relationships, and just about everything else, I can give you a bit of a helping hand, as it were, as you go throughout your own life. In case you skipped the link above – not that I blame you for that – we’re all in this together. The goal is to build a supportive community where we can all come together and inspire each other to share our stories in hopes that we can impact the world around us.

After all, the world is filled with magic, and I make it my personal goal to find it where ever possible.

So yeah. Feel free to join me for stories, recipes, organization tips, book reviews, and whatever else fits into the life of a young adult. Or anyone, really, since I’m pretty sure we’re all just kids trying to play it like we’re old and make it work somehow. As I pursue the kind of life I would like for myself, I hope I can encourage and pave the way for you to do the same. I don’t for a second believe that life has to be boring or monotonous, and I aim to prove that by sassy commentary and badly timed jokes. Again, if you want to – no pressure or anything it’s totes chill – come join me in search for the magic we’ve all seemed to lose as we’ve grown up.

It’s gunna be awesome, I swear.

Why? Because we’re gunna make it that way. Stop letting life happen to us and start bleeding it for the joy we all know we can have. So screw your nine-to-five jobs, your conservativeness(?), or your belief that you have to struggle through each day because that’s just how it is. We’re gunna turn this life on it’s head, live like we were always meant to, and figure out exactly what that means for each of us.

You in? Cool. We’d love to have you.

Not trying to convince you extra or anything like that, but our club’s full of cats. No joke.

Welcome to the club, loves. I’m positive you’ll enjoy your stay.

In fact, you probably won’t ever leave.

But that could potentially sound a little threatening, so we’re just gunna leave it like that before I start digging myself into a hole here. I’m intentionally good at that.

🌸 🌸 🌸